Indigenous communities have waited too long for other providers to put the intertest of the community first. The initial phase of Acorn Wireless deploys a wireless services to most of the Hoopa Valley. In coming years it is the intention of the HVPUD to include a Fiber-to-The-Home broadband project in partnership with a local provider. The wireless broadband services will be more than 10 times faster than any satellite internet service and more than three times as fast as any broadband service ever deployed in the Hoopa Valley. Successful broadband efforts can only be realized by the support of the local community. It is the intent of the Hoopa Tribe to provide high-speed broadband to the Hoopa Valley, especially during these critical times.
The Hoopa Valley Public Utilities District (HVPUD) is an entity duly chartered pursuant to Article IX, Section 1(p) of the Hoopa Valley Tribe’s Constitution and By-Laws.

The mission of HVPUD is to provide a level of service and utility resources that enable and advance tribal strategies to grow economic opportunity, build a strong foundation of utility infrastructure, and ensure a framework for quality growth and development on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation.

In 2020, HVPUD developed a broadband division called Acorn Wireless to provide wireless internet service to our community. HVPUD provides this essential service to the residents of the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation (HVIR).

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly emphasized the need for connectivity to address issues with distance learning, working from home, access to medical professionals through telemedicine, online courses, etc.

Acorn Wireless aims at addressing a longstanding critical need to bridge the digital divide and upgrade the technological capacity within the HVIR.

Acorn Wireless is proud to provide these critical services to our community.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to being your tribally owned provider!