Acorn Wireless is the wireless internet service provider division of the Hoopa Valley Public Utilities District (HVPUD), a chartered entity of the Hoopa Valley Tribe. We will offer reliable wireless internet services to the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation in the near future.

Acorn Wireless Internet Service Application

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  • 22 Willow Lane Hoopa, CA 95546
  • PO Box 656 Hoopa, CA 95546
  • 123.123.1234

On average the installation cost will be $750.00. The Installation Cost can be paid over a 12-month or a 24-Month period divided into monthly installments. The installation cost is in addition to the monthly rate.

The Installation cost will cover all labor and equipment. The installation costs includes the subscriber module, mounting kit, cabling, router and in some cases placement of a ground mounted pole. In addition to the equipment, included in this cost is a site survey, labor, wireless engineering, etc.

Acorn Wireless is working with multiple groups to help offset this cost and we are actively seeking funding to help provide these installations for our community.